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Freehold Development with Luxury Features at Sloane Residences

Located at the core center of the Newton area, Sloane Residences is a residential property owned by two companies namely the ocean sky international and the Tiong Seng Holdings. The place where the residential property has been built was once owned by the Sloane court hotel.

The sale transfer of the property marked the beginning of a new freehold development while at the same time ending the hotel business. The residential property will be developed it a classical condo along the luxury Balmoral Road.

Luxury Features Located at Sloane Residences Tiong Seng Holdings

This residential property at Balmoral Road comes along with a variety of luxury features such as a tennis court and a swimming pool ranging 50metres. In addition to that, the property houses many social facilities including a children’s playing ground, a sun deck, a guard house, an indoor gym and a function room.

The luxury condo also features entertainment facilities which can fully cater to your loved one’s needs. Remember that it is located in a quiet and beautiful place at the heart of Newton area along the Balmoral.

Sloane Residences Floorplans and Site Plan

The freehold development contains a variety of floor plan for your family needs. It, therefore, comprises of bedroom units ranging from 1-3. However, this floor plan units may change depending on the choice and preference of the specific developer.
Shopping malls near the Sloane Residences
-The Tangs Plaza
-The Tanglin mall
-The Shaw center
-Forum shopping center
-The Shaw House.

Schools Neighboring Sloane Residences Freehold Property Near Schools

One consideration to take into place when looking for a freehold residential property is to go for one near elite schools. This is what the Sloane Residences offers to those willing to own a property there. There are various elite schools available near the Sloane.

In addition to that, these academic institutions are known to offer first considerations to residents from nearby neighbors. All these schools are within a range of one kilometer which is a mandatory requirement before you can be enrolled.
The property is therefore located to academic institutions which do not strain the energy of the children to travel in order to access them. Some such elite schools include;
-St Joseph institution
-The Chinese secondary girls
-Anglo Chinese Institution
-Raffles girls schools
Other places near the Sloane Residences
Besides the various amenities and elite schools near the Sloane property, there are other places which can offer a good time to relax and enjoy with your family. One such popular place is the Singapore Botanical Gardens where you can relax after a busy day. Another one includes the Newton Food Centre which surrounds the Sloane residential area.