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Forest Woods City Developments Limited (CDL)

Lorong Lew Lian has a lot of new happenings going on. One of them is a brand new condo development. What is this condo development? It is no other than Forest Woods. Forest Woods is every inch a brand new development of both condominiums and apartment homes in the Serangoon Central area. The developer of this awesome new development is no other than City Developments Limited or CDL for short. City Developments Limited is also the exclusive developer of numerous other properties that are located within Singapore. Both of the condos and apartments belonging to this 99 year lease-hold can, and will become, the one home for lots of families and young married couples that are desiring to live in a locale that is very up and coming in description.

Forest Woods Lorong Lew Lian Condo

Forest Woods City Developments Limited is estimated to have about 500 units in number. The total number of available units will be known for certain after completion of the development itself overall. What is very great and ideal about Forest Woods is everything. Why is that? Because, to be honest, this condo and apartment home development will be very versatile for various tenants. Tenants come in all descriptions and backgrounds. Forest Woods will be diverse in that, it will be the perfect condo and apartment place, which will accommodate families of all sizes. It doesn’t matter if you have a big family or a little family that is just starting out. Forest Woods can be the perfect living arrangement for all families and others that want a wonderful place to call home for themselves.

Forest Woods City Developments Limited (CDL)

Forest Woods will also be a condo and apartment community that will be loaded up with amenities. What makes all of these amenities great is clear. They will be varied and cater entirely to families and young couples in every way. What are some of these amenities? They are no other than a gym that is on site, tennis courts, a parkland, meeting rooms and other areas that are perfect for family activities.


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