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Paya Lebar Quarter Lend Lease Mix Development

Lend Lease not only intends to own 30% of the commercial center, but has an idea of how they expect the design to look before getting approval from the authorities. The center is planned to stretch its two arms around Sims Avenue and Geylang Cana; each supporting the multiple developmental agendas. Paya Lebar Quarter’s developmental concept is best described by Rod Leaver, CEO of Lend Lease.

Paya Lebar Quarters Lend Lease

He says in an article posted by Channel News Asia, that the addition of the center will allow citizens to lessen their dependence on vehicles and improve their time spent with their family to increase their work performance. He describes that the canal traveling the building area can actually be utilized to form a productive public space that can be used to benefit the community.
Unfortunately, Jem (one of Lend Lease’s largest investments) for their support and interest. However, this mall located in Jurong East is currently focusing its energy on existing projects such as its large grasp on its many retail venues. Time may force the company to keep Paya Lebar Quarter in the back of their minds until present projects are completed.

Paya Lebar Quarter Paya Lebar MRT Station

Lend Lease’s present plan is to utilize 90,000 of the center’s square meters for office space for Paya Lebar Quarters. Another 29,000 square meters will be designed to suit 440 private living quarters. Finally, another 40,000 square meters will be used to form the ultimate modern shopping experience holding top stores and clear areas to promote better consumerism.

Paya Lebar Quarter Mix Development

This exciting addition is well into the beginning stages of its design and appears to have a positive effect on the daily lives of those living and working in the area. The plan is to clear traffic congestion and reduce time spent travelling. In the end, the center would be ultimately providing current and potential employees with more jobs closer to home.

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