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The Criterion EC CDL Brochure and Showflat Telephone

If you’re looking for a condo in Yishun Street 51, Criterion EC based on the brochure and indicative pricing is your only option for another 2-3 years when their leasehold condominium 10 towers with 505 units are expected to be completed. It’s amazing that these 10 towers will be 13 storeys tall closely knit in the famous Yishun Street all surrounded with important facilities such as the famous Orchid Country Club. When you consider that this condominium will be complete by the year 2018 and you will have at your reach nearby eateries and the famous Khatib MRT Station you will immediately book your unit.

The Criterion EC Brochure and Price Updates

All of The Criterion EC condominiums are individually owned and decorated and provide clean accommodations each with their own personal touch at the brochure site plans. The Condo will have units ranging from a 2 bedroom to a 5 bedroom. Each of these units will have a dining area just adjacent to the living room, fully equipped kitchen, and probably a high speed wireless internet. You will enjoy a private balcony either facing the Yishun Street 51 or the Yishun Avenue 1 where you can put outdoor seating furniture for City Developments Limited (CDL). All of our condos also provide you with a bathroom for the master bedroom. I am certain that each unit size available at The Criterion EC will give you a better idea of which type of accommodation will best fit your specific needs. Like a house, you will buy your condo and own it out rightly. For potential buyers, these units will be adjacent to others, so owners often will share a wall and live in close proximity. And since this will be a 13 storey condo, some people will live above or below someone else’s.

The Criterion EC Showroom and Showflat Hotline

To shed more light on the proposed 99 year leasehold condo on Yishun Street 51, which is on its way to completion in the year 2018; it will have elite schools in the neighbourhood including the Yishun Junior College that will guarantee quality education for your children. The showflat will be available soon and the hotline set up for enquirers. The design features open area vegetation and tree. I am certain that most people will love the neighbourhood, it is loaded with that center focus that will draw everybody’s attention. This kind of environment, available shopping centers, easy accessibility via the Khatib MRT station are some of the reasons that will give this condo project a cutting edge against any other Condominium development plans. This is one place that will not only be safe and secure, but also a place that people outside of the neighbourhood will want to see. These 10- 13 storey condos are being developed by City Developments Limited, a company that is well known for such impressive projects.

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